Husband gave his wife a kidney but still needs a donor to save her

Rene Tucciarone saved his wife's life once before as her kidney donor.

But now he needs to find a stranger to save her again – and not just any stranger. It has to be someone with Type B-positive or Type O blood.

The kidney he gave his wife, Kani, 25 years ago lasted until 2009, when it failed.

Without another kidney to give, he has bought space on billboards, first in Niagara Falls and then in Cheektowaga, appealing for another donor.

"Kidney Donor Needed. Please Help Kani," it says, with a phone number: (716) 418-6802.

Kani's kidneys were destroyed by the onset of lupus in 1989.

And since her transplanted kidney failed, the 55-year-old woman has been undergoing dialysis. Rene, 56, is her dialysis technician. He obtained a machine and supplies, and underwent training to administer the treatments in the basement of their Royalton home, in a space Kani sardonically calls "the torture room."

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