Snob World's Cole & Kelsea Moscatel donate to Lupus LA

Cole Moscatel and his wife Kelsea, creators of new luxury, lifestyle platform Snob World, recently donated a generous sum to Lupus LA, a non-profit health organization in Los Angeles.

Lupus hits close to home for the couple as Cole was diagnosed with lupus six years ago at 15. Since then, he and Kelsea have experienced first-hand the everyday struggles lupus brings.

"It's an illness that from the outside, many people won't know someone is suffering from. I may look like I'm always living an extravagant life and although that is thankfully true on most days, I want people to understand that underneath all the glamour and adventure, there is indeed a struggle with this debilitation."

"We want to make Snob World more than just a luxury lifestyle and consumerist brand," Kelsea Moscatel said. "When my husband and I saw Selena Gomez come clean about her lupus battle, it really put things into perspective how one can seem to have everything, but underneath all the fame and glory, there was something else lurking."

Cole says, "We're going to use our platform to promote positive change and awareness toward issues and organizations closest to our hearts."

As Snob World grows, the couple will be contributing a portion of their earnings from merchandise, such as their upcoming luggage line, toward the fight in finding a cure for lupus. Additionally, they will be partaking in volunteer work located in underprivileged parts of the world, including Africa, Haiti, and Venezuela; making the act of giving back part of their travels.