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In 1991 the Lupus Trust (previously St Thomas Lupus Trust) was set up to fund vital research into lupus and provide information on lupus. Since then, we have worked tirelessly with nursing staff, clinical research teams, patients and those who care for friends or family with Lupus. You can learn more about our background here

Our aim is simple - we ultimately want to find a cure and in the meantime advance the treatment of lupus. We do our best to ensure factual information is shared around the world and that there is an understanding over the difficulties and often life changing circumstances that affect people with lupus. 

Our online resource and community should provide many useful and interesting answers, however if you require more information or think we could benefit from additional content on this website, please contact us


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Certain questions come up over and over again, so here are just a few. Should you have any other questions on lupus please feel free to contact us.

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We run a great charity and have years and years of knowledge, advice and help to give people.

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With every donation, we are getting closer to knowing all about the mystery illness that is Lupus. We rely 100% upon the kindness of others to help keep our vital lupus research going. You can give anything from a one off donation to regular monthly donations and every single penny helps us move further towards better understanding and treatment of lupus and one day, hopefully, a cure



Run, walk, hold a sponsored event, a tea party etc etc - the options are endless and it all helps us.

Our lupus research team are doing a fantastic job but research is expensive and we receive no funding from the government or NHS so rely upon lovely people doing wonderful fundraising for us. 

Andrea and Family

Andrea and Family

Andrea's Story

My everyday battle with the Wolf (alias SLE) ,fibromyalgia, arthritis and degeneration in my spine and facet joints.  Just a little thing to deal with in life, along with the other less significant problems such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, Antiphospholipid Syndrome, pleuritic pain in the chest due to fluid around the heart, headaches and muzziness because of changes to the vessels in the brain (found on tests at St Thomas’ Hospital in London)…. Just to name a few symptoms and problems......