What nutritional vitamin/herbal supplements should be taken for SLE?

Many herbs can interfere with prescription drugs, or can be dangerous if taken in large quantities. It is important that you consult your GP before taking alternative herbal therapy, or dietary supplement.

Please read Anne’s story for a cautionary tale.

Very few long-term research programmes have been conducted into the efficacy of herbal alternatives, and physicians are reluctant to recommend any specific remedy, particularly as lupus symptoms vary in the individual.

Another difficulty with some complementary therapies is that the exact dose of the active ingredient cannot be predicted or guaranteed. Complementary therapies may therefore add an additional complicating factor that your doctor needs to be aware of, so please check with your doctor before taking any supplements at all. Cod Liver Oil and vitamin E are taken by some patients. However, they should not be taken in conjunction with anticoagulants such as Warfarin.

Professor D’Cruz talks about supplements here.