I would like to know which make of HRT patch is recommended for lupus patients that also suffer from Migraines.

A recent study has suggested that HRT may increase the risk of mild to moderate lupus 'flares'. HRT should only be used for short periods and should be avoided in patients with a risk of blood clots, and especially if they have antiphospholipid (sticky blood) antibodies. Some patients find alternative treatments useful but there have been no clinical trials in this area...

My Rheumatologist has prescribed Hydroxychloroquine. It is causing stomach upset. Will taking the brand name Plaquenil result in less stomach upset?

Hydroxychloroquine and Plaquenil are one and the same drug, so you are likely to have the same reaction with Plaquenil. In some cases stopping the drug for a few days and then re-starting more gradually may stop the gastric upset. However, I would advise you to discuss this with your GP, and if you continue to have gastric problems I would advise you to inform your rheumatologist.