I have discoid Lupus could this weaken my immune system?

I was wondering if because I have discoid Lupus if this could weaken my immune system, It just seems like since I have been diagnosed I seem to pick up every little coughs and cold that’s going around but I'm not sure if this is related.

Discoid Lupus patients are less likely to have a compromised immune system as this condition generally only affects the skin. Occasionally through the course of the illness patients may develop systemic symptoms such as joint pains, fatigue and 'flu-like symptoms, but these tend to be transient. Patients with systemic lupus have a compromised immune system, and if their disease is active, or if they are taking immunosuppressant therapy, they may be more at risk of infection. SLE patients also tend to run a low white blood count. White blood cells are responsible for defending the body from infection.