Kendra Agnew - Life - A Poem

butterfly in hand.jpg

Life is like your darkest fears,Your hidden zombies really near,
Your monsters start to shadow you,
As darkness overthrows your view.
You cannot see, you cannot hear,
A hidden hole, you disappear
You've reached hidden depths below,
The hole goes on but time moves slow.
When will the nightmare ever be stopped?
When darkness fades and out light pops,
Is when I'm over all my fears,
The ghosts & ghouls will go away,
So I can live a carefree day!

This fantastic poem was written for us by Kendra Agnew when she was 15. Kendra had suffered with SLE from the age of ten. She said "I was reading the website and came across some poetry. I enjoy writing poetry and often express my emotions when I'm ill through poetry".

Kendra sadly passed away aged just 21 in March 2011.