Virtual reality relieves pain of patients

VR is widely applied today in medical services, particularly in pain management. Wearing a headgear equipped with VR technology, patients enter a virtual realm and are immersed in what they see. The experience effectively disperses their brain’s perception of pain, thereby easing the pain.

In the United Kingdom, a patient suffering from lupus erythematosus for two years received VR treatment. The patient also has Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and allergic reaction when taking painkiller and lupus erythematosus drugs. The doctor used VR technology to let her experience the feeling of diving in a beach in Thailand. As a result, she forgot her pain within a few minutes. After half an hour of treatment, she was temporarily relieved of the pain for three hours.

VR treatment is also used for pain relief of various illnesses from headache to cancer as well as traumas. With VR technology, patients feel like having been injected an invisible painkiller with their pain temporarily relieved. The quality of life is thus greatly improved.

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