Kidney transplant boosts survival in lupus nephritis

Kidney transplantation is associated with a survival benefit for patients with lupus nephritis and end-stage renal disease (LN-ESRD), researchers have found.

"We found that among nearly all such patients in the US who were waitlisted, renal transplant was associated with a significant survival benefit," she said. "This is an encouraging finding, and clinicians should consider early referral for renal transplantation for patients with LN-ESRD who may be candidates, as this can reduce mortality."

Dr. Jorge and colleagues studied 9,659 patients with LN-ESRD on dialysis who were waitlisted for transplant between 1995 and 2015, including 5,738 (59%) who ultimately received a new kidney. The average age at waitlist entry was 38 and at transplant, 39. Eighty-two percent of waitlisted patients were female, 48% were African American and 21% were Hispanic. Hypertension was the most common comorbidity, affecting 79% of waitlisted patients.

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