Add a PDF to the website, get a URL (link) for Social posts and email.

Please ensure you are in EDIT mode.


When in ‘edit’ mode, you will notice the option to edit when you mouse over the example button below. Click the edit option to open the button dialogue box.


Click on the dark grey box (Clickthrough URL) and you will notice content / files / external options.


Click on New file, then Add a file and select your PDF file to upload and then Save.
Note: (you may have to scroll down the dialogue box to see all the options)


If you click on the button, it will open the PDF file in a new window. Copy the long URL - that’s the address pointing to your PDF file. You can use this link in email, Facebook or Twitter posts, if you wish.



The URL address is quite long… To make things neater, VISIT - all you need to do there is to paste your long URL and Bitly will give you a short version to use. If you create an account with Bitly, you’ll get statistics on how often the link is opened.

Example URL

After Bitly