Unusual questions

Can you have a hair coloured if you have discoid lupus?

If you have active discoid lesions on your scalp, or you are suffering from hair loss as a result of lupus, I would be cautious about using hair dyes. Chemicals in the dye can act as irritants, (although nothing has been proven to link them with lupus), further damaging your hair follicles. Your hairdresser may be able to advise on what product may be safe for you to use.

Hysterectomy - a cure the lupus?

My partner has a lupus rash on her cheeks. Her Doctor is of the opinion that it is brought on by a pregnancy hormone and it has stayed in her body thus giving her this rash. She has been sterilised and is on a course of Depo-medrone injection's every three months, this has not helped and now her G.P. wants her to have a Hysterectomy hoping it will finally cure the lupus.