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Corporate Donations


We are always interested in discussing areas of sponsorship and have a range of publications, events and projects that are appropriate for corporate sponsorship, such as:

  • Sponsoring an information leaflet for patients.
  • Funding a doctor/nurse
  • Funding/part funding a research project
  • Sponsoring a high profile event
  • Purchasing a piece of medical equipment

If you have already planned/are planning an event at your company you could include us as the nominated beneficiary for the event.

Benefits to your company

Working with us can reap great benefits for your company and your staff, including:

  • enhance your corporate image via ensuing publicity
  • celebrity attendance at events
  • encourage team work and boost staff motivation and morale
  • show the company's commitment to the community 
  • be associated with a world renowned medical team.
  • staff will be able to see exactly what their fundraising efforts have achieved

Adopt Us

Many companies select a dedicated charity for a year. Funds can be raised throughout the year through a variety of activities, including:

  • company charity balls
  • staff fundraising events/raffles 
  • company matched giving 
  • collecting cans
  • donation of money in lieu of sending Christmas cards/purchase of our Corporate Christmas Cards

If staff need any fundraising ideas we would be very happy to help.

Payroll donation

Payroll giving is the easy way to make regular donations direct from your gross pay to us. We are happy to come to the workplace to talk to staff about our charity, and your company could match those donations given by staff to boost the contribution. Encourage your staff to start donating today!

What your money can buy

  • £90,000 Head of laboratory research for a year
  • £45,000 Research Fellow for a year.
  • £35,000 Laboratory technician for a year
  • £25,000 Laboratory running costs for a year
  • £5-£8,000 Freezer
  • £500+ Various research equipment

You can buy an item to help our research now, click here to view full list of Lab Equipment.

If you would like to know more about how your donation can make a real difference please contact us.