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Give as You Earn

For Individuals

Your employer must be registered with Give As You Earn to make donations on your behalf. To check, ask your employer or alternatively contact the Give As You Earn helpline on 01732 520019.

There are 4 simple ways to give as you earn:

  1. Direct Donation - Tax-free donations straight from your gross pay to the St. Thomas' Lupus Trust.

  2. CAF Charity Account - Pay a minimum of £10 from your pay each month into your own Account. You'll receive a 'charity cheque-book' and Charity Card to make tax-free donations whenever you wish.

  3. Staff Charity Fund - Club together with colleagues and set up a joint fund for your Give As You Earn donations to us.

  4. CAF Charitable Trust - If you want to set aside sizeable sums for giving to charity, you may want to use Give As You Earn to fund a CAF Charitable Trust. That way your whole family could be involved in

For Employers

CAF is the obvious choice for companies that wish to tailor their giving programmes to their company objectives, given that they are the recognised experts in Corporate Community Involvement (CCI).

With so many attractive, tax-efficient ways to give, the only difficulty is deciding which one to choose.

To help you we have outlined some of the more effective ways to give:

  • CAF Company Account
    Keep your charitable funds in a separate, tax-efficient location.
  • Give As You Earn
    Allow your employees to support the St Thomas' Lupus Trust tax-effectively through their payroll.
  • Matched Giving
    Support your employees charitable giving and match their gifts partially or wholly.
  • Corporate Charitable Trust
    The ideal way to make a lasting contribution to the St. Thomas' Lupus Trust.
  • Giving Shares
    The ideal way to unlock capital and pass it on tax-effectively to good causes.