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St. Thomas' Lupus Trust


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An English amateur in Antarctica
By Martin Burton. This is the story of an extraordinary person doing a very extraordinary thing i..
£19.99 £4.99
Chocolate: mummy loves you tin
A beautiful quality metal tin with a hinged lid and embossed with The Bright Sides unique letteri..
£7.00 £3.50
Waldo Pancake. I am not an ipad iPhone cover
A high quality and durable phone case. Dark grey with Waldo Pancakes retro script clearly stating..
£6.00 £3.50
Christmas Words
A fun, contemporary Christmas card. Wording inside: Season’s Greetings. 140mm x 140mm. £4..
£4.50 £2.25
Bright Side Single Hook - 'Hello Mr Coat'
Beautiful and solid wooden coat hook in white with blue edging. Sturdy black metal hook. Decorate..
£5.00 £2.50
Bollywood Ball DVD
A DVD of the glittering, star studded Bollywood Ball.It lasts approximately 30 minutes and captur..
£5.00 £1.00
Mending tin
We've all heard of "make do and mend", well how about "mean to mend, store in tin".  Even wi..
£7.00 £3.50
Live Believe Worry a Bit sign
A super quality tin sign embossed with a typical Waldo Pancake message in his unique retro letter..
£5.00 £1.00
Stand Back Adventurer coming through! Travel Journal
A beautiful quality hard back notebook adorned with the unique Bright Side lettering with blue an..
£7.50 £3.99
Lunch, nap, bit of TV, get up, go to bed Wall Clock
A super wall clock featuring Waldo Pancakes retro script on the face with time based instructions..
£10.00 £4.99
Global warming is all my fault Tin Sign
Now only £2.00.  A super quality tin sign embossed with a typical Waldo Pancake message ..
£5.00 £1.00
To do: 1. Keep fabric 2. Make something out of it within the next 62 years tin
We've all done it. You remember that scrap of fabric that was just too pretty to throw away, that..
£7.00 £4.00
The Bright Side Tea Light Holder - Kissing Candle
For a lovely atmosphere when you want a little smoochie. Beautiful wooden tealight holder with lo..
£6.50 £3.00
Winter Birds
Cute robin and blue tit friends about to have a snack of some snowy berries. Wording inside: ..
£4.00 £2.00
Mobile Phone case
110 x 60mm. Ideal for carrying phone/ipod etc. Clips to bag/jeans or has string for round neck. A..
£4.99 £3.00
The Bright Side ‘All Mine Bottle Stopper’
Give your bottles some Bright Side style with this cork stopper. Each side is decorated with The ..
£4.50 £2.00
Christmas is calling
Snowy scene with red post box and red telephone box. Wording inside: With Best Wishes for Chr..
£4.50 £2.25
Pin number tin
Pins; sharp, pointy and extremely hurty implements when not stored safely. Keep your collection o..
£6.50 £2.50
True Love picture frame
For the romantics out there! Lovely wooden picture frame with the words true love in black and re..
£9.00 £3.00
Glass nail file
White glass in white pouch. Has our logo butterflies printed on the end. Glass nail files are the..
£11.00 £4.99
Glasses case - patterned
Sale! Limited Stock!Very useful for carrying glasses or anything else! Clips onto bag/jeans etc, ..
£4.99 £3.00

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