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St. Thomas' Lupus Trust

Donate for Lab Equipment

You can buy a ‘virtual gift’ when purchasing these items, you don’t receive the item but our researcher do – and very pleased they’ll be!!

Why not have a look at our video with Carl the Mad Scientist... look to the right of this page - he shows (tongue-in-cheek) that all the donation items purchased for research go to our hard-working research team. Every little bit helps - from test tubes at £1.00 to centrifuges and filters.  

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Box of gloves
A box of gloves to protect the researchers hands from infectious agents or chemicals (many chemic..
A small centrifuge that would allow cells to be spun down so they can be concentrated into a smal..
Filter for photometer
Filters measure particular wavelengths of light. Used in assays that emit light as a measure e.g...
Flasks to grow cell lines. ..
Fluorescent dye
An antibody labelled with fluorescent dye that would enable us to identify specific cells by shin..
Heating and shaking block
Heats chemical reactions to a very precise temperature for specified time periods (can agitate or..
Incubators for tissue culture
Controls temperature, and atmosphere (oxygen and carbon dioxide) in the incubator. Essential when..
Petri dishes
Petri dishes to grow cells in. ..
A pipette that enables us to move accurate amounts of liquids or cells from one container to anot..
Test tube
As you can imagine, research requires thousands of these little test tubes to process samples in ..
Tissue culture hood
Controls local environment, providing a sterile environment in which to study cells. In this hood..
Tissue culture media
Tissue culture media to grow cells in. Also needed in large supplies so you can also buy multiple..
Tubes to collect samples of blood that stop the blood from clotting. ..
Vacuum pump
We can grow immune cells from patient's blood for short times in 'culture' to study how they beha..
Many experiments have stages where cells or chemicals must be kept at a specific temperature for ..

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