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St. Thomas' Lupus Trust

Books & DVDs

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A patient's guide to lupus
A Patients’ Guide to Lupus by Professor Graham Hughes. Published July 2008...
An English amateur in Antarctica
By Martin Burton. This is the story of an extraordinary person doing a very extraordinary thing i..
£19.99 £4.99
Bagabook' Travel Bag. Black
With a bagabook your book is to hand and protected everywhere you go. If you commute on the train..
£15.00 £4.99
Bollywood Ball DVD
A DVD of the glittering, star studded Bollywood Ball.It lasts approximately 30 minutes and captur..
£5.00 £1.00
Bookmark - Butterfly
Wooden bookmark with butterfly design cut out. In maple or cherry wood (light or medium) ..
Bookmark - Wolf
Wooden bookmark with wolf engraved on. In maple or cherry (light or medium) ..
Date with a Beatle
In 1964, The Beatles phenomenon swept the nation, and tenacious sixteen-year-old Judy came down with..
Lupus? What's that? Lupus information documentary
This DVD contains medical information but also has real lupus patients from all different background..
Talking about lupus
Talking about Lupus by Triona Holden, patient & journalist. Foreword by Elaine Paige. Published 2004..

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