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London band ‘Tibican’ releases single for Lupus!

London based Indie four piece ‘Tibican’ are launching a song ‘Your kisses work’, to benefit 3 lupus charities, including ourselves.

Here’s what Dom Scialo of Tibican had to say: “The song 'Your Kisses Work' has mainly been the project of myself, as my sister was diagnosed with lupus around two years ago. Having experienced, within the Tibican family, what life is like living with Lupus, we have decided to release our first charity single.

We thought the band would be an excellent foundation to provide some well deserved fundraising options to the organisations battling lupus.

'Your Kisses Work' was written and recorded by Tibican and produced by myself.
We also wrote a B-Side 'Wolf' which will be free to download to the first 150 people who purchase 'Your Kisses Work'.

It's been a long process but we're ecstatic to finally announce the imminent launch of 'Your Kisses Work' as part of our campaign to raise awareness for the St. Thomas’ Lupus Trust, Lupus UK & the Lupus Foundation of America.

All profits will be donated to the three charities mentioned above. A release date is yet to be finalised but primary streams can be found over at our SoundCloud. 'Your Kisses Work' will soon be available via major online distributors. 

Finally, a massive shout out needs to go out to Harriet Noble for the incredible artwork! and Thanks Harriet”.
A big thank you from the St. Thomas Lupus Trust to Tibican and also Harriet for their kindness in supporting us.

If you’d like to listen to the song in advance of its release please go here:

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