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"2008 Christmas Concert"

At St. Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey on 4th December 2008. A fantastic line up entertained a packed audience.

Charles Dance, Revelation Choir, Doug Rao and Alex Walkinshaw (both from ITV's the Bill) were all part of this years concert. St. Thomas' Lupus Trust Campaign Director, Angie Davidson surprised the audience by joining Revelation Choir to sing 'Shackles', Alex's son Jack decided he wanted to join dad and baby Casper (see his story on this site) spotted Angie giving the final address and decided he'd join her - so fun was had by all!

Photographs by Garreth O'Neill.

  • Audience
  • 2008 Garry Swinton
  • 2008 audience
  • Queens College Choir
  • Queens College Choir
  • Dr David D'Cruz
  • Hamilton ringers
  • Doug Rao of ITV's The Bill
  • Patron, Alex Walkinshaw
  • Patron Alex Walkinshaw is joined by son Jack
  • Queens College choir
  • Hamilton Ringers
  • 2008 Revelation & ZHL
  • St Peters Eaton Square primary School
  • Revelation Choir from 'Last Choir Standing'
  • Charles Dance
  • Charles Dance
  • Chelsea Pensioners
  • ZHL Strings
  • Lynn Faulds Wood
  • ZHL Strings
  • Reena Spencer
  • 2008 reena 1
  • ZHL Strings
  • ZHL Strings
  • Angie Davidson joins Revelation Choir
  • Angie Davidson joins Revelation Choir
  • Angie Davidson and baby Casper join Revelation
  • Angie Davidson & Doug Rao of ITV's The Bill
  • Angie Davidson & actor Charles Dance
  • Pearly King & Queen, Lynn Faulds Wood & Charles Dance

he Patrons, Trustees, patients and staff of the St Thomas' Lupus Trust and the Louise Coote Lupus Unit presented a Butterfly Christmas tree ornament to Lady Elizabeth Anson who gave it to Her Majesty the Queen on their behalf. Lady Elizabeth is a Patron of the trust and the Queen's cousin. The butterfly was specially designed by the celebrity milliner & Lupus Trust Patron, Louis Mariette.

Photographs are copyrighted to the St Thomas' Lupus Trust. They should not be used in commercial publications without the permission of the Trust. 020 7188 3562.
The butterfly is the international symbol of Lupus due to the butterfly shaped rash many lupus patients have.