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"Do It For Charity"

The DIFC event is in May each year and usually close to World Lupus Day so we always have participants. For the last 2 year (2008 & 2009) one of our Patrons has started the whole event - 2008 Kelle Bryan and 2009 Louis Mariette. Here are some of the supporters of the St. Thomas' Lupus Trust having a great time.

Photographs are copyrighted to the St Thomas' Lupus Trust.  They should not be used in commerical publications without the permission of the Trust.  020 7188 5362.

  • difc 2009 louis and angie
  • difc 2009 team
  • difc 2009 butterflies.
  • difc 2009 paola butterfly wings
  • difc 2009
  • difc 2009 silver hotpants
  • difc 2009 warm up
  • difc 2009 butterflies in crowd
  • difc 2009 purple butterflies
  • difc 2009
  • difc 2009 Louis Mariette
  • difc 2009 run
  • difc 2009  walk
  • difc 2009 pink butterflies
  • difc 2009 michele and louis
  • difc 2009 butterly picnic
  • difc 2009 butterflies finish
  • DIFC 2009 all too much
  • difc 2009
  • Stepz meets a young fan
  • Kelle and Mum
  • Pradnya celebrates
  • Kelle Bryan
  • DJ Masterstepz
  • Crowd warms up
  • Tom & Jac, hot & happy!
  • Trustee Sandy Hampson, Masterstepz, Dr Shirish Sangle and daughter Pradnya
  • Kell Bryan & Masterstepz
  • Masterstepz son gives dad a round of applause!
  • Kelle's interviewed

he Patrons, Trustees, patients and staff of the St Thomas' Lupus Trust and the Louise Coote Lupus Unit presented a Butterfly Christmas tree ornament to Lady Elizabeth Anson who gave it to Her Majesty the Queen on their behalf. Lady Elizabeth is a Patron of the trust and the Queen's cousin. The butterfly was specially designed by the celebrity milliner & Lupus Trust Patron, Louis Mariette.

Photographs are copyrighted to the St Thomas' Lupus Trust. They should not be used in commercial publications without the permission of the Trust. 020 7188 3562.
The butterfly is the international symbol of Lupus due to the butterfly shaped rash many lupus patients have.