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"Bollywood Ball"

Fabulous guests in fantastic, colourful outfits joined celebrities at our Bollywood Ball. Lots & lots of photo's so please use arrows at the bottom to navigate to next/previous page.

Photographs are copyrighted to the St. Thomas' Lupus Trust. They should not be used in commercial publications without the permission of the Trust. 020 7188 3562.

  • Angie Davidson with the cast of the Bill
  • Parsley family
  • Sammi & Sophie
  • Monty Panesar
  • Best dressed lady (in shock!)
  • Best dressed man
  • Volunteer Harpreet with Monty Panesar
  • Bollywood dance class
  • Honey Kalaria teaches Bollywood dance class
  • Honeys dancers
  • Honey Kalarias dancers
  • Angie Davidson auctions off 2 signed Bollywood Dolls
  • Monty Panesar meets the Navy
  • Dr David D'Cruz & Nitin Ganatra
  • Alex Walkinshaw auctions off a date with Sophie Howard!
  • Alex Walkinshaw (Sgt Smith 'the Bill') auctions West Ham football
  • Lynn Faulds Wood
  • Monty Panesar & Director of ASHT Harbinder Singh
  • Nitin Ganatra & singer Raghav
  • Glamour models Sophie Howard & Sammi Brady
  • Hannah & Quincy perform Kathak
  • MC - actor Nitin Ganatra
  • Floral arrangements by Town & County Flowers
  • Seating Plan
  • Drs David & Yvette D'Cruz
  • Monty Panesar and Cafe Lazeez
  • Angie Davidson with singer Raghav
  • Angie Davidson meets Dian Sastro
  • Monty Panesar and Naval Officers
  • Patron Kelle Bryan & Campaign Director Angie Davidson
  • Lynn Faulds Wood with best dressed lady Tascha & Baz
  • Actor Deepak Verma & Producer of 'Casualty' Sue Howells
  • Actor Nitin Ganatra & Campaign Director Angie Davidson
  • Dian Sastro - presenter Who Wants to be a Millionaire Indonesia escorted by Louis Mariette
  • Doug Rao, Michelle Austin & Alex Walkinshaw of the Bill
  • Naval Officers from HMS President
  • Fabulous guests arriving
  • Dining area after....
  • Dining area before....
  • The raffle table
  • Volunteers packing the goodie bags
  • Preparing the raffle
  • Decorating the inside - butterflies
  • Preparation of the outside

he Patrons, Trustees, patients and staff of the St Thomas' Lupus Trust and the Louise Coote Lupus Unit presented a Butterfly Christmas tree ornament to Lady Elizabeth Anson who gave it to Her Majesty the Queen on their behalf. Lady Elizabeth is a Patron of the trust and the Queen's cousin. The butterfly was specially designed by the celebrity milliner & Lupus Trust Patron, Louis Mariette.

Photographs are copyrighted to the St Thomas' Lupus Trust. They should not be used in commercial publications without the permission of the Trust. 020 7188 3562.
The butterfly is the international symbol of Lupus due to the butterfly shaped rash many lupus patients have.