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These are pictures of butterflies by our younger supporters/patients. Some of the pictures are by celebrities children/grandchildren, to find out who drew the butterfly pass your mouse over it and the name will appear underneath.

If you have a butterfly you would like added please send it in to us with the name and age of the artist, we'd love to have them!

  • 0000000344
  • 2004 winner Henry Mostram aged 5
  • 2004 winner Pheobe Brockis aged 5
  • 2004 winner - Alexandra Russell aged 12
  • By Robbie. Carol Smillie's son.By Robbie.
  • By Jodie. Carol Smillie's daughter.
  • By Christie. Carol Smillie's daughter
  • By Ian Duncan Smith & daughter
  • By Rosie. Lorainne Kellys daughter.
  • Cherrie-Anne aged 5

he Patrons, Trustees, patients and staff of the St Thomas' Lupus Trust and the Louise Coote Lupus Unit presented a Butterfly Christmas tree ornament to Lady Elizabeth Anson who gave it to Her Majesty the Queen on their behalf. Lady Elizabeth is a Patron of the trust and the Queen's cousin. The butterfly was specially designed by the celebrity milliner & Lupus Trust Patron, Louis Mariette.

Photographs are copyrighted to the St Thomas' Lupus Trust. They should not be used in commercial publications without the permission of the Trust. 020 7188 3562.
The butterfly is the international symbol of Lupus due to the butterfly shaped rash many lupus patients have.