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‘Spread the love’ text campaign

‘Spread the love’ text campaign SMS Campaign. 

How about asking those that love you to spread that love? (Or you can spread the love yourself!). Ask them to give up just one bar of chocolate or cappuccino (or other little treat) for you and instead text us in the money they would have spent so that we can carry on our vital lupus research. Giving up one small item and donating to us instead can make a big difference to lupus patients but not much of a difference to them.

All they have to do using their mobile phone to ‘spread the love’ is Text LURV13 followed by donation amount (any amount from £1)

i.e. LURV13 £2 to 70070. The text is free to send and we receive 100% of the donation!

It’s that simple and every donation helps vital Lupus Research. Thank you.