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Fancy a 10,000 ft freefalla???

We are looking for people from all over the country to make a sponsored parachute jump on our behalf and in return we are willing to pay for it!

Everything you need is in a free information pack, available from us including your reservation form and sponsorship forms and we've made everything as easy as possible for you to take part.

The jumps are organised in 26 different locations all over the country so there's sure to be one near you, they take place every weekend and some airfields also jump mid-week.

There are different types of parachute jump for you to choose from. We ask you to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship money in order for you to jump for free (from £360 depending on the type of jump you choose). Minimum age to take part is 16.

There is also now an additional jump type called AFF (Accelerated Freefall) which offers you the opportunity to take the first step to becoming a fully qualified skydiver where you will experience the thrill of jumping solo from up to 12,000 feet with 2 freefall instructors by your side.

We are in desperate need of funds in order to continue our work and don't forget, all you have to do is raise the minimum amount of sponsorship and you will get to jump for free! So if you want to celebrate a special event such as a Birthday or just want some adventure this is perfect!!